As the governing body for our sport our vision is to connect, include, support and empower the community around trail running in Tasmania.

How does becoming a member of TTRA help us achieve our vision?

The more members we have, the greater our voice and influence with government bodies, non government organisations (NGOs), the sports and tourism industries and the wider community to positively advocate and promote the benefits of and opportunities presented by trail running.

Showing our strength in numbers also allows us to better advocate for the maintenance of tracks and trails for safety, enjoyment, and promote minimal environmental degradation. with maintenance activities and training.

As the governing body for our sport in Tasmania we also want to support our trail running clubs and event organisers to create a better community and professional platform for enjoyment and growth. As a member you can help voice and promote our values.

What does a TTRA membership get you?

  • A communal voice to help positively shape our sport’s future.
  • Exclusive skills and gear workshops for general trail running and specific events such as UTA and Overland Track.
  • Quarterly newsletter detailing TTRA’s contributions towards government/council/Parks and Wildlife Services proposals that directly impact trail running.
  • Point of interest content and code of conduct specific to trail runners.
  • Discounts and access to TTRA member merchandise.

We are only small at the moment but as our membership and influence grows, the ability for us to provide greater benefits to our members and also the wider trail running community in Tasmania also grows.

This is an exciting time in our sport and what we are doing here in Tasmania is the first of its kind in our country. We can’t wait to share our passion with you and look forward to achieving our vision together.

Register as a member today.

Follow the prompts below to become a paid member of TTRA. The cost is $10 plus a $1.50 processing fee paid by credit or debit card.

We use Webscorer as our membership database. If you have participated in a trail running race in Tasmania then you may already have a Webscorer account. If this is the case please select “Sign in with your Webscorer account” as part of the process. If you don’t have an account then please create one as part of the registration process.

Membership is annual and is for a fixed period regardless of when you sign up. This is how we are operating at the moment but we have plans to create better functionality with regards to membership terms and registration when we have the capacity to do so.

At this stage we are only taking Individual Memberships and there is no age limit to those wishing to be a member. Corporate and Event Organiser Memberships with associated benefits are being developed and will be available when ready.