Our Mission

To connect, include, support and empower the community around trail running in Tasmania.

Our Values

Integrity & Leadership

  • We are morally and ethically upstanding in accordance to the trail runners code of conduct. 
  • We are honest and fair. 
  • We advocate the improvement and inclusiveness of trail running in the State of Tasmania.
  • We inspire and provide direction to athletes of all levels and ambitions.

Collaboration & Community

  • We align with both professional and community trail running.
  • We provide guidance/governance to trail running.
  • We encourage participation of all members of the trail running community.
  • We support events and organisations.
  • We promote and encourage an inclusive sport. 


  • We acknowledge the traditional owners of our land and country.
  • We respect participation by all members of the trail running community and strive to be inclusive.
  • We acknowledge all other users of trails in the State of Tasmania.
  • We uphold respect for the environment and minimise our impact in both trail running events and recreational use.
  • We acknowledge the long history of trail running in the State of Tasmania. 


  • We will remain relevant and current.
  • We provide a unifying link between trail running events.