Our Strategic Plan

Connect with the wider community 

  • Build rapport through active advocacy with land managers and stakeholders.
  • Respectful co-use of trails with other users. 
Success will be:
  • Stakeholders and other trail users being familiar and comfortable with trail running in all forms.

Maintain great trails 

  • Activate track/trail maintenance and building with consideration for trail running.
  • Live and breathe ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. 
Success will be:
  • A healthy working relationship with land managers.
  • TTRA members actively participating in maintenance activities.

Strengthen our trail running community

  • Inclusive participation.
  • Bring in the youngsters.
  • Frameworks for events.
  • Support for clubs.
  • Support athletes.
  • Safety and skills.
  • Full integration/affiliation with ITRA, AT and other relevant bodies. 
Success will be:
  • A healthy membership in all categories.
  • Positive feedback from our members.